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Airbus A380 : CN EASA sur les extrémités d'ailes
Airbus A380 : CN EASA sur les extrémités d'ailes
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Airbus A380 : CN EASA sur les extrémités d'ailes

Le 18 juin, l'EASA (Agence européenne pour la sécurité aérienne) a émis une consigne de navigabilité (CN) suite à des risques de fissures sur les extrémités d'ailes de l'Airbus A380.

Airworthiness Directive

AD No.: 2021-0145 Issued: 18 June 2021

Design Approval Holder’s Name:

Type/Model designation(s):

A380 aeroplanes


Effective Date: TCDS Number(s): Foreign AD: Supersedure:

02 July 2021 EASA.A.110 Not applicable None

ATA 57 – Wings – Wing Tip Assembly – Modification Manufacturer(s):



Airbus A380-841, A380-842 and A380-861 aeroplanes, all manufacturer serial numbers, except those that have embodied Airbus modification (mod) 76718 and mod 76719 in production.


For the purpose of this AD, the following definitions apply:

The applicable SB: Airbus Service Bulletin (SB) A380-57-8132 (for right-hand (RH) wing tip) and SB A380-57-8133 (for left-hand (LH) wing tip), as applicable.

Aeroplane date of manufacture: The date of transfer of title (ownership), which is referenced in Airbus documentation at the time of first delivery to an operator.


Following investigation after an in-service event, it was established that parts manufactured from 7449 aluminium alloy in the wing tip assembly are susceptible to cracking.

This condition, if not corrected, could lead to crack initiation and propagation, possibly resulting in reduced structural integrity of the wing.

To address this potential unsafe condition, Airbus initially issued SB A380-57-8145 and
SB A380-57-8146 as interim action and then developed a new wing tip assembly made from 7010 aluminium alloy, which is embodied in production through Airbus mod 76718 and mod 76719, and issued the applicable SB to provide modification instructions for in-service aeroplanes.

For the reasons described above, this AD requires modification of the wing tip assemblies, both LH and RH sides.

Required Action(s) and Compliance Time(s):

Required as indicated, unless accomplished previously:


Within the compliance time as defined in Table 1 of this AD, as applicable, modify the wing tip assemblies in accordance with the instructions of the applicable SB.

Table 1 – Wing Tip Modification

Aeroplane Configuration                                                                                                    Compliance Time

Post-SB A380-57-8145 (for LH wing)                                                Within 7 years after SB A380-57-8145 embodiment

Post-SB A380-57-8146 (for RH wing)                                                Within 7 years after SB A380-57-8146 embodiment

Pre-SB A380-57-8145 (for LH wing)                                                  Before exceeding 7 years since aeroplane date of manufacture

Pre-SB A380-57-8146 (for RH wing)                                                  Before exceeding 7 years since aeroplane date of manufacture


1. If requested and appropriately substantiated, EASA can approve Alternative Methods of Compliance for this AD.

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