Lockheed Martin presents first LM-100J commercial freighter
Lockheed Martin presents first LM-100J commercial freighter

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Lockheed Martin presents first LM-100J commercial freighter

Lockheed Martin has officially introduced the latest member of the C-130J Super Hercules family: the LM-100J commercial freighter. The LM-100J is the updated version of the L-100 Hercules, which was built by the U.S. firm from 1964-1992.

The latest version of the Super Hercules is due to make its first flight this spring.

The LM-100J programme was launched in February 2014. Lockheed Martin has filed for an FAA civil type certificate update and this first LM-100J will participate in flight test activity to support this process.

According to the manufacturer, the LM-100J incorporates technological developments and improvements derived from years of operations with the military C-130J. The LM-100J is the ninth production version of the Super Hercules aircraft.

The LM-100J is designed for a wide range of missions, including: oversized cargo transport; oil dispersion/aerial spray; oil and gas exploration; mining logistics operations; aerial fire fighting; aerial delivery; medevac/air ambulance; humanitarian relief operations; personnel transport; austere field operations; and search and rescue.

At Farnborough last year, the company announced a commitment from a U.S. firm, Bravo Industries, for 10 aircraft intended for cargo operations in Brazil. Lockheed Martin says it has orders and commitments for a total of 25 aircraft.

More than 100 L-100s were delivered to both global commercial and government operators, supporting cargo delivery requirements in almost every operating environment in the world.

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